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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Are About to Do Something Stupid

(submitted by Bob)

10. You just watched the Lumber Jack games. (Jellybean)
9. You wonder why no one has thought of this brilliant plan to rip off the government before. (quistis218)
8. Your mouse pointer hovering over the "Send" button; index finger on the mouse, twitching. (Do_I_really_need_the_collectible_snoopy_cup_from_ebay?)
7. The onlookers all wince and raise their video cameras to their eyes. (Stephen H)
6. You're watching Extreme Biking and thinking how easy it looks... and how similar those bikes are to the one your son has. (Dan)
5. Your activity involves any two of the following list: Alcohol, skateboarding, crime, cliffs, parachutes, bicycles, marriage proposals. (Stephen H)
4. The thought forming in your head starts out, "Well, I have to get off this roof somehow..." (Major Tom)
3. You often find yourself asking, "What would Mike Tyson do?" (Baby Hates Bunnies)
2. The CEO and that hot babe from Accounting are sitting in on your presentation. (Buster Gutt)
1. "Gary! I was reading online this top ten list thing, and one of the entries gave me this AWESOME idea!!!" (TheDon)

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