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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Slept in Too Late

10. You try and get up for Letterman, but just manage to catch the closing credits. (Drunken Vet Student)
9. When you went to bed your son was asleep in his crib. When you woke up he had graduated from college. (Buttsey57)
8. You were supposed to be at work by 8. It's now November. (al)
7. Little men are tying you down and charging other little men to look at you. (gopherscout)
6. You don't have the same roommates as you did when you went to bed. (coolroy99)
5. You come out of your room and your parents are shocked that you were home all this time. (Nova)
4. The alarm clock must not have gone off. You only got up when that "Charming" fellow kissed you. (JLM2fightmorningbreath)
3. You don't ever remember wanting to start a beard.... but what the hey. Who says you can't accomplish anything when sleeping? (Nova)
2. When you roll out of bed, the sheet makes that distinctive "packing tape" sound as it peels off your back (Major Tom)
1. The sleep crusties around your eyes have taken over your face, making it look like a cauliflower. (Arcola Mike)

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