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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Indicators You Should Clean Out Your Refrigerator

(submitted by RAM)

10. Something is in there shrieking in pain, but you can't seem to find it. (Fluff)
9. You open the bowl of green growing stuff, and the Crocodile Hunter is right behind you saying "Look at the size of those teeth!" (Stephen H)
8. The applesauce looks like sauerkraut and has begun fashioning rudimentary tools. (Major Tom)
7. You suspect the mammoth has gone bad by now. (Stephen H)
6. When you fail to close the door all the way, the meat drawer gets it for you. (Major Tom)
5. The fridge bulb burned out six months ago, but there's still plenty of light coming from that burping mass in the back corner. (Major Tom)
4. You have to put fresh meat in the freezer, because when you put it in the fridge overnight, something eats it. (No Dear I didn't)
3. The creatures inside have constructed their own "inner fridge" and it has been cleaned out twice since you last did yours. (Buttsey57)
2. Last week you tried eating some of the food from the back of the fridge. Today you woke up beside a road in Oregon, with no memory of the past week. (Krig the Viking)
1. You reach in for the milk, but instead find a temple to Zhoul. (The Kevinator)

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