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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Not to Do During Freshman Orientation

(submitted by Aletheastrea)

10. Shout, "Is anyone willing to trade a Raichu for my level 52 Electabuzz?"
9. Ask for the quickest route on foot from the library to the bar (Chris97)
8. Panty-raid the University Feminists Club booth (Iron Chef Klingon)
7. Ask if the student union sells fake IDs too (TheRob)
6. Give everybody "Richard Simmons" hugs (Iron Chef Klingon)
5. Ask an upperclassman how to get to the Men's Room (whyBother)
4. Get a headstart on "marking your territory" (Geoduck)
3. Quote your impressive Top Ten entries (Topher, svensweden)
2. Give a passionate speech to the entire class about how much of a nerdy, social outcast you were in junior high...but aren't anymore (
1. Agree to go streaking with those kind men who showed up from nowhere and graciously bought you "as much beer as you could drink" (Wiki)

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