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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Uses for Used Dryer Sheets

(submitted by ardnax)

10. Hello, insulation replacement (TheRob)
9. Apply a little spit and you have a generic wet wipe. (Arcola Mike)
8. Bring them to school as proof that "the dog ate my homework." (squeezette)
7. 1. Sew two of them into a pouch (3sides) 2. Stuff with dryer lint 3. Sew 4th side shut. 4. Repeat and sew together 5. = Quilt. (JLM2craftcamp)
6. Put them in the fridge crisper, to give everything that "garden fresh" scent. (Major Tom)
5. Give Barbie's Ken some street cred with a funky do-rag. (Arcola Mike)
4. Sew them into your workshirts and forget about the high price of deoderant. (Major Tom)
3. Low calorie substitute for pop tarts (Arcola Mike)
2. Add a little ducttape and KAPOW! -- slippersocks! (Major Tom)
1. Bait for your Snuggles the Bear trap (rorschak)

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