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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Revelations from Other Boy Band Members

(submitted by Bob Clemmons)

10. "My main musical influences were Milli Vanilli." (Arcola Mike)
9. "That 'oh ...uh...uh...oh.' lyric came to me as I was slipping in the shower." (Arcola Mike)
8. "Our tour manager threatened to ground me for running in the hotel hallways." (Arcola Mike)
7. "We just really didn't know how to spell 'in synch'." (Q)
6. "My mom wouldn't let me play with the groupies." (Arcola Mike)
5. "I was tripping most shows after consuming massive amounts of MSG." (Arcola Mike)
4. Nick Lachey: "Even I can't name the other guys from 98." (The Cruciverbalist)
3. "I was so evil that I intentionally mis-lipsynced lyrics to throw off the other guys" (Arcola Mike)
2. O-Town: "Sometimes we used to trade a couple members with Savage Garden, just to see if anyone would notice. Nobody did." (The Cruciverbalist)
1. "I was supposed to be the 'shy guy', but actually, I was the 'smart ' one.". (Arcola Mike)

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