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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You Must Do Before the End of Summer

(submitted by RiverCityKid)

10. Touch up your temporary tattoos (Arcola Mike)
9. Earn your degree in Piratology (L. Ron Scurvydog)
8. Spend every spare minute in the back yard trying to your money's worth out of the #@!*&^ swimming pool (lefty)
7. Re-grow all your hair... you know, after that incident with the BBQ grill (Nova)
6. Locate the lawnmower where it ran out of gas in the back yard; It would rust badly if you wait till spring. (RAM)
5. Write your kid's book report to clear that incomplete (Arcola Mike)
4. Remove Christmas decorations from roof. See also: Things To Do Before End of Spring and Things To To Before End of Winter (Thomas Palsson)
3. Find out which camp you dropped your kids at and hopefully pick them up (Mickey Finn)
2. Insulate the dog house in case you're exiled there this winter (Arcola Mike)
1. Go back to the beach and unbury the kids from the sand sculpture you made back in July (Mickey Finn)

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