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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Save Electricity

(submitted by ratfink)

10. Heat your house by importing hot air from Hawaii. (Steve Weiss)
9. Take down all the friggin' Christmas lights in the trailer park. (allannero)
8. Breed millions of lightning bugs in your home. (
7. Wind-up Vibrator. (Monica Screwinski)
6. Keep one eye closed indoors. That way, you use less light. (coolroy99)
5. "Christian and Scott's Interactive Top Five List" (Geoduck)
4. Ban the Electric Slide from all future parties. (Danderson (and maybe the Robot too... or did I just show my age?))
3. Train your roaches to scatter when the lights go off. (Austinite)
2. Clap Off! (Austinite)
1. Ziplock baggies! (poprocksncoke)

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