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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Not to Say at the End of a Hot Date

(submitted by 'vette)

10. "Why? What would I need your number for?" (JrsyRose)
9. "I sure had a great time. Want to come in and help feed the other victims?" (JLM2remainsilent)
8. "No, I can't come in for coffee. I have to get up early for my appointment at the free clinic." (jep)
7. "I must say, you're much different in person than when you're at home by yourself doing your yoga routines and watching tivo recordings of The View." (thegiantsnail)
6. "On our next date I promise not to sweat so much." (CraigC)
5. "You know, you look just like my mom." (pezgirl247)
4. "Could you define 'Come up for coffee?'" (Spoticus)
3. "I feel you might actually be overqualified, but I'll keep your application on file." (coolroy99)
2. "If anyone asks, I was with you all night." (talshadar)
1. "Can I run home and change my underwear? I wasn't expecting this date to go this well." (Spoticus)

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