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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways To Solve Your Ant Infestation Problem

(submitted by Lainehart)

10. Find someone with a spider infestation problem and take a few thousand home. (Stephen H)
9. Change the word "Infestation" to "Collaboration" and suddenly you're a great team leader! (AcieGracie)
8. Call up your friend, the one with the aardvark infestation problem. (CraigC)
7. Sell your house, listing it as "Country get away in the heart of the city" (Spoticus)
6. Hold a Golden Treacle and Sticky Bun door (Leather/Denim Combination Pants)
5. Host an "Antz," "A Bug's Life," and "The Ant Bully" movie marathon for them, free with poison-coated popcorn. (Mute)
4. Dress up like a giant anteater and hide in the corner of the kitchen, waiting for your prey. (Dragoriana)
3. Put out tiny little containers of honey-scented deoderant. Once the ants use it, the other ants will turn on them. Bwahahahahaha! (Stephen H)
2. Hire an obsessive-compulsive to come in and stomp on each and every one. (TheDon)
1. Stock up on amphetamines and then invite the entire River Dance crew over to your house for an all-night dance party. (Stephen H)

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