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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Be Both a Winner and a Loser at the Same Time

(submitted by MAR)

10. Be first in line at the cafeteria! on brussels sprouts day. (coolroy99)
9. Be the first and quickest to make it to the ground in your skydiving class. (Johnny Mac)
8. Participate in arguments on the Internet. (Iron Chef Klingon)
7. Be the valedictorian of your home school. (thegiantsnail)
6. Collect all the dimes from the mall wishing fountian. (Benz.)
5. "Congratulations! Your new position as a Congressional page awaits you!" (Rick928)
4. Win an arguement with your wife. (RAM)
3. Convince Oxford to add lollerskates, roflwaffle, roflcopter and pwn to the English dictionary. (Rigoletto)
2. Step One: Submit really witty entry, Step Two: Get spot as #1, Step Three: Poof, the loser gets a winning entry. (Nova)
1. <-- That's right baby, #1!!! (Topher)

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