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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Most Disappointing Moments Ever

(submitted by Ilsa)

10. Finding out that your internet chat pal "inexperienced but beautiful" is actually a 63 year-old grandfather of 8 (sageandscholar)
9. The moment I realized I had spent 80 irreplacable seconds of my life trying to think of a good answer for this list (HokieJim)
8. Flying cars still not here yet. (JLM2"overdrive")
7. After cloning dinosaurs, scientists discover that they all taste just like chicken. (thegiantsnail)
6. When you get your very first pay check and realize the government has already taken half (Erin)
5. Remember New Coke? (rorschak)
4. Finding out there were no hot babes in Moscow, Bonaparte started his retreat! (rottenluckwillie)
3. Finally realizing she is intentionally not emailing you back (ackthwap)
2. The "Barenaked Ladies" show your girlfriend got tickets for was not what you thought it would be. (ardnax)
1. The realization that, no, in fact, the hokey pokey is not what it's all about (BKred)

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