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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Alternate Uses for Your IPOD

(submitted by RAM)

10. Few people know they also hold 3.5 "giga-bites" of Pez. (Maxdad)
9. Pretend it's an MP3 capable cell phone with horrible reception. (Steve Weiss)
8. Now that you've got an electronic locator for your keys, you have to run around the house looking for something. (V's Herbie)
7. The mirrored reverse side acts as an inconspicuous vampire tester. (Vendain)
6. Someday, somehow, you will be able to use it for skype calling. (ackthwap)
5. Add a breathalizer; it will automatically match the tune to your blood alcohol level. (IOIO)
4. To cure homesickness at school, record your mother's nagging and play in an endless loop. (whyBother (But Maaa!))
3. Burn a hole in your pocket. Literally. (ackthwap)
2. Load up every Hollywood sound effect you can find. Then splice it into your front doorbell. (Major Tom)
1. Turn up Ashlee Simpson real loud, and use it as a tazer. (Captain)

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