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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little Known Causes For Global Warming

(submitted by Naska the Zoki-Howler)

10. Hell may burn a lot more fossil fuels, but Heaven emits its exhaust directly into the ozone layer. (Rigoletto)
8. Chili Cook-offs. (scheisster)
7. All night Bumblebee raves... (Daddydon'tdodat)
6. Microwaving Pop-Tarts for more than the 3 seconds recommended on the box. (SissyRoll)
5. Unattended George Foreman grills. (ackthwap)
4. Frankly, the lack of a good Global Air Conditioner. (ackthwap)
3. Taco Bell's introduction of "Fire Sauce" in 1994 (
2. Pepsi wanted to put an end to the Coke commericials with polar bears. (Xenotheses)
1. Chuck Norris. (Krig the Viking)

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