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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons To Get a Time Machine

(submitted by Father Time)

10. So you can go back and warn yourself to NOT USE THE #$@ING TIME MACHINE! (Geoduck)
9. Ultimate snooze alarm. (Sknkszzzzz)
8. So I know all of next years' topics, and have plenty of time to think up of witty entries. (TheDon)
7. Long ago, for no reason, an older version of yourself punched you in the face... now you feel you should go back in time and do it too... (Lainehart)
6. My cheese dip is expired. I really wanted to eat it. (Hungry Man)
5. To say yes to the date with the geek that is now rich and no to the cool guy that now cleans his pool. (mightymouth)
4. Go back to 1934. Tell Poland to "Look out for the new guy." (ardnax)
3. (stupid entry erased after further reflection and acquisition of time machine) (Iron Chef Klingon)
2. To go back and say "yes" to that offer for 'special' tutoring from the Spanish exchange student. (talshadar)
1. To find out which REALLY came first: the chicken or the egg. (Topher)

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