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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Explanations for the Bermuda Triangle

(submitted by Punkupine)

10. Pirates are afraid of triangles. (NinjaBoy)
9. Ghosts of dead geometry teachers (Dan)
8. It was all a century long publicity stunt so we'd all watch Lost. (Great Scott)
7. There's an all you can eat buffet there - with LOBSTER!! (Acie Gracie)
6. Pythagoras decided to get revenge from the grave after people mocked trigonometry one too many times. (Deeeeeva)
5. Some stupid cult tried to make a gate, but forgot how to draw a pentagram. (Artificial Intelligence)
4. Plans for the "Bermuda Dodecagon" collapsed when aliens realized that most humans didn't really know what the heck "dodecagon" even was. (Fluff)
3. Brian "The Dinger" Simpson: Disgruntled Former Triangle understudy for the Boston Pops (darthgator)
2. It was the Bermuda Rectangle until Atlantis sank. (Wiki, , IOIO)
1. Earth has an innie belly button! (ackthwap)

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