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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs it's Time to Give Up Your Dream of Being a Stand-Up Comedian

(submitted by His name is Carl)

10. You tend to bruise if someone even mentions the word "punchline." (Major Tom)
9. You have "favored by Christian & Scott" on your resume. (SvenSweden)
8. You draw inspiration from Stalin. (scheisster)
7. Even your imaginary friends don't laugh at your jokes anymore. (Nova)
6. The most popular response to your jokes is "I'm so sorry to hear that." (ackthwap)
5. You realise that every standing ovation you've had so far was quite delayed, usually not occuring until after you'd left the stage. (Lainehart)
4. You stole most of your material from "The Best Puns and Knock Knock Jokes." (Steve Weiss)
3. The loudest the audience laughed was when the opening emcee called you "a very funny guy." (CaptainChris)
2. Oddly enough, the electric company doesn't takes jokes lieu of payment. (buttplug)
1. Fozzie Bear to wants sues you for stealing his material. (a little glowing friend)

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