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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Tell that He's Just Not that Into You

(submitted by Han Solo's girl)

10. He gives you a Whitman Cheese Sampler for Christmas. (whyBother)
9. He likes hanging out with your mom more. (Brownie)
8. His pet name for you is Psycho Stalker Woman. (lefty)
7. At the restaurant, he flirted with the server...who happened to be a guy. (rein)
6. He didn't even draw a happy face on the restraining order. (lefty)
5. When you call him and says "Hi, it's me!", your name is the seventh he guesses on. (Thomas Palsson)
4. He takes your friends out for drinks without you, so he "can get to know them on a personal level with out your influence." (pwquattro)
3. 90% of the date is cell calls to his mom and flirting with the maitre d'. (Boy Do I Pickem)
2. Brings old girlfriend out on dates with you, "just in case". (CraigC)
1. At the end of the date, he gives you a goodnight high-five. (high-fiver)

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