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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Landlord Is Ripping You Off

(submitted by a little glowing friend)

10. You pay per square foot, including walls and roof. (Thomas Palsson)
9. The "airy second bedroom" is really the fire escape. (Tyler)
8. Utilities are included... but there's an exclusivity clause making him your sole source for toilet paper. (lefty)
7. He doesn't make his Cousin Vinny split the rent when he uses your place as a "safe house" (Arcola Mike)
6. Your roof gets blown off, landlord charges extra for sky view. (coolroy99)
5. The view of the dumpster costs you $50 per month. (TheRob)
4. When you complained about roaches, he demanded you pay a pet deposit. (Steve Weiss)
3. The "on-site securty surveillance" he's charging you for is really just him peeking in your windows to make sure you're "alright". (McShakes)
2. He's subletting your wardrobe to another family (@R)
1. Building elevators have a tollbox: $1 per trip. (Magus Noan)

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