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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons the New Dollar Coin Will be Successful

10. Fourth time's a charm! (Stephen H)
9. Dollar bills will soon be made of sugar paper that melts when warmed by body heat. (Spend or Else)
8. Can do attitude. (inspector 42)
7. They can be used to purchase a quart of gasoline. (wheels)
6. George Washington is arguably more attractive than both Susan B. and Sacajawea (Major Tom)
5. The "tails" side has a likeness of a President's butt. (wheels)
4. A new discovery of a scandal involving Sacagawea and two of the first 5 presidents. (Ralpho)
3. Cause they have the guy who did the New Coke PR on the job (Strickland)
2. It's a vast improvement over the $.97 coin. (lefty)
1. Non binding Senatorial Resolution declaring all other coinage unsuccessful (gohomePelosi)

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