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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Tax Deductions Most Likely to Get You Audited

(submitted by Arcola Mike)

10. $20 million for "business trip" to the moon. (byuguy)
9. The handling charges for that top secret money transfer from Nigeria. (squeezette)
8. Twenty-seven tommy guns listed as "entirely legitimate business expenses". (Krig the Viking)
7. Deducted your "children" named Fluffy, Nut, and Woofers. (Helix)
6. Misc. Medical: 54 kegs of beer (Magus Noan)
5. Mortgage interest on your dog house. (Arcola Mike)
4. Claiming a tuition credit for sending your dog to obedience school. (Arcola Mike)
3. $16,000 business expenses: listed as "Hitman's salary". (Krig the Viking)
2. Donating $500,000 worth of "intellectual property", annually, to some internet top ten list. (Major Tom)
1. Claiming the healing potion you bought for your Everquest character as a medical deduction. (Chuck1863)

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