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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things You Cannot Buy on eBay

(submitted by No Dear I didn't)

10. A life, as suggested by Sarah Jenkins in third grade (Vendain)
9. Common Sense: I've ordered it three times from three different vendors and just got an empty box each time. (Stephen H.)
8. An extension on a four week overdue term paper ((failing college kid))
7. The satisfaction of making a "steal" face-to-face at a rummage sale (Arcola Mike)
6. A controlling interest in eBay (squeezette, wiki, sara's anatomy)
5. Something that is not listed as "RARE" (Dan)
4. The time you wasted looking up weird things you didn't need on e-Bay (Tyler, Some Dude, drayvin, GC3)
3. The feeling you get when you see a rainbow for the first time, fond memories of childhood, and decent porn (Dan)
2. Your masculinity, after wearing that pink shirt to the monster truck rally (
1. The rope with which Lenin said capitalists would hang themselves (Arcola Mike)

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