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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Revolution Won't Succeed

(submitted by TT)

10. Your mom heard of the idea and grounded you. (Thomas Palsson)
9. Your arms shipment arrives in boxes marked "Hasbro." (Chuck1863)
8. The fuchsia berets were a bad idea. (jk60611)
7. You had to postpone the Revolution by a month so your advisor can finish his community service, after the Boston Beer Party. (spoticus)
6. Far too much dependance on something called "Latino Machismo" (NotStyro)
5. Your Molotov cocktail supply now just empty recyclables after the New Year's Eve party. (JimBean)
4. "Viva the-proletariat-masses-who-are-the-rightful-inheritors-of-the-wealth-of-this-country-and-should-have-all-the-benefits-therewith-associated-at-their-beck-and-call" is your war cry. (krayZpaving)
3. Eleven o'clock curfew: None of the really good revolutions start until 11:30pm. (JimBean)
2. Committee meetings about whether your battleflag should be "red with black stripes" or "black with red stripes" invariably end in slapfights. (Geoduck)
1. You joined up on Yahoo! Groups. (Mickey Finn)

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