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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Bumper Stickers on Christian's and Scott's Car

(submitted by ackthwap)

10. My other car is #1. (darthgator)
9. Giving your sad, boring life meaning since 1995! (Lollipop)
8. Honk if you love submission #3. (inspector 42)
7. The #7 submission on my internet top ten list is smarter than your honor student. (inspector 42)
6. Top Ten Hand Gestures For You (rorschak)
5. Fun and Funner (Arcola Mike)
4. Warning: Twice a week, this car tends to "list." (Maxdad)
3. Top 10 Things You Should Be Looking At Instead of This Bumper (Buttsey57)
2. We brake for Kasey Kasem. (TheRob)
1. I Maintain a Humor Website. What's Your Excuse? (Arcola Mike)

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