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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways To Avoid Doing Homework

(submitted by ackthwap)

10. Procrasti-knitting. (Asteria)
9. Insist on working on very, very small paper, then explain that your goldfish ate it. (JrsyRose)
8. One and a half words: E-bay. (Some Dude)
7. Call White House and leave threatening message. That should get y ou out of homework for a couple of decades. (rorschak)
6. McDonalds employees never have homework. (McNally)
5. Studies show that the Wii helps us exercise and lose weight. You DO want me to be healthy don't you? (Nova-kane)
4. Tell your teacher you ate it. You need the fiber. (Balistic)
3. Win the homework immunity challenge during your family version of "Survivor". (Arcola Mike)
2. Tell the teacher that your essay on intelligent design was raptured up to heaven.
1. Outsource it to India for 12 cents. (Steve Weiss)

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