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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things NOT to get Mom for Mother's Day

(submitted by MT Nester)

10. A bumper sticker with the names of the honor roll students you've beaten up (Arcola Mike)
9. Orthopedic rollerblades. (Arcola Mike)
8. Look mom, this #8 entry is all for you...Happy Mother's Day! (inventor)
7. Your bill from Planned Parenthood.
6. Tongue piercing. (Steve Weiss)
5. Moustache wax. (Arcola Mike)
4. Paid lifetime membership to AARP. (MT Nester)
3. How to Be a Mother for Dummies. (Sputnik CNZ)
2. A '#3 Mom' coffee mug. (Toujin)
1. Hardcover edition of "Oedipus Rex". (Me)

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