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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Attractions at the Roswell Theme Park

(submitted by Arcola Mike)

10. The "Searchlights in the Sky" Closing Ceremony (Arcola Mike)
9. The Hall of Temporal Distortions (Major Tom)
8. Daily re-enactments by the Area 51 Players of the courageous struggle by John Adams and the Federalists to pass the Alien and Sedition Acts (Arcola Mike)
7. Research Balloon rides (CraigC)
6. Romantic gondola rides on Martian canals (Arcola Mike)
5. The Martian petting zoo (Arcola Mike)
4. Krelgutt the Conqueror of the Crab Nebula's Wild Ride (Major Tom)
3. The tallest alien slime spaceship rollercoaster on the planet! (Nova )
2. Bumper Florgs (Major Tom)
1. "Mr. Grays" wild Probe-O-Matic ride. (miss D abduction)

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