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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You May Not Be an Ideal Parent

(submitted by Thomas Palsson)

10. You go to get your son after daycare and just... pick one. (Benz.)
9. You describe your son as having "8 intelligence," "12 dexterity," with a +3 modifier on using two-handed objects. (TheRob)
8. Kraft dinner is for special occasions only. (Andrew)
7. Your bumper sticker says "Children- the Other White Meat". (Stephen H)
6. You have no idea where the kids are...but football is on, so it's all good. (El Barton)
5. You enjoy having Michael Jackson over for coffee and discussing different baby patio dangling techniques. (Dragoriana)
4. Your baby's rattle is still attached to a live snake. (Magus Noan)
3. You don't notice your kids are gone until you see their pictures on milk cartons. (Chuck1863)
2. Your kid says "mom we gotta leak in the sink" and you say go ahead. (mightymouth)
1. You think baby oil is made from babies. (Fargles)

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