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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Karma Is Catching Up

(submitted by Augiepyropanda)

10. You stub your toe on the carpet. (Holly Stahl)
9. You find out that the local cops have started having their ticket books pre-printed with your name and license number on them. (Major Tom)
8. Your entries appear in the top ten list, but always with someone else's name. (squeezette)
7. The amraK truck in your rear view mirror. (M)
6. You help an old woman with her groceries and she beats you with a dead fish. (darthgator)
5. Sittting on your lazy butt watching sports all your life has led to your own 'roid rage. (Arcola Mike)
4. Someone steals your car while you're robbing a liquor store. (Chuck1863)
3. You had to eat all that pork, didn't you? Now, it's one hamstring pull after another. (Arcola Mike)
2. "Mom, Aunt Tracy called! Her house burned down, and she and the septuplets are moving in with us!" (Fargles)
1. You won the lottery, but the taxes and the lawyers' fees put you $1000 in the hole. (Krig the Viking)

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