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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You've Been on the Internet Too Long

(submitted by DarthAve)

10. Your isp credits you with the creation of "frequent browsing miles." (searose)
9. When people talk about renovating, your first thought is that you haven't changed your desktop in awhile. (Pertinax)
8. Your wife made a myspace profile just to keep in touch with you. (
7. Eighty percent of your hard disc space is filled with cookies. (squeezette)
6. You attempt to find the Back button on the microwave when heating last night's pizza for just one more minute. (RAM)
5. The last time you logged off your chat friends called to check on you. (mightymouth)
4. Your computer is sleep deprived. (danb1974)
3. You started a flame war ... and realized it was with yourself. (talshadar)
2. Google has started using your disc cache as a mirror site. (squeezette)
1. Someone calls you "cooldood64" in real life, and you don't even notice. (Krig the Viking)

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