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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs The Winter of '06/'07 is Warmer Than Average

(submitted by Mickey Finn)

10. Greenery is actually spotted in Greenland. (Chuck1863)
9. That cute gal just gave you the Cool Shoulder. (Stephen H)
8. Pensioners buying up Maine property. (Sam Tangerine)
7. The Eskimos are wearing whale-skin bikinis. (Sassy)
6. The seedling bananna trees...definitely the bananna trees... (inventor)
5. Baywatch has been moved to Bayfield, Wisconsin. (IOIO)
4. Santa Claus wore shorts. (rorschak)
3. Frosty the Snowman is now a spokesman for Jenny Craig. (Maxdad)
2. In a state of confused panic, Hollywood releases all the summer blockbusters in February. (JrsyRose)
1. Canadians only buried under three feet of snow, not six. (Krig the Viking)

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