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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Unlikely "Alternative" Fuels

(submitted by Ron Jonson)

10. Solar energy reflected off bald spots. (Luv U 2)
9. Boogers. Why do you guys think kids like eating them so much? (quistis)
8. Just heat your house with internet Flame Wars. (Stephen H)
7. Polyester leisure suits from the 70's (Stephen H)
6. The latest application of String Theory will make it possible for one can of Silly String to power Baltimore for a year. (whyBother)
5. Hook an office building's generators up to those vending machines that always catch your snack on that spiral thing. Then harness the energy of people punching and kicking the thing in frustration. (anglesius)
4. The stuff that makes lightning bugs light (
3. Psychic energy developed during road rage (whyBother)
2. Cars powered by old dot com sites (El Barton)
1. Something we have lots of: Lindsay Lohan stories (Maxdad)

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