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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Don't Have What It Takes

(submitted by bamfCCC)

10. Shortly after joining the Police force you accidently forget your badge at home and rob three banks. (Benz.)
9. Everybody else throws their graduation hats up in the air, but you're the guy who picks them all up. (Pertinax)
8. You work with great intensity for long hours: things get done! You goof off and do nothing: things get done! (No Dear I didn't)
7. You got a negative percentage of votes at the school election. (Buttsey57 ( I vote for anyone but Timmy!))
6. Due to your narcolepsy, you can't stay awake longer than 8 minutes. (Father Time)
5. Your application to the school of hard knocks was rejected. (Arcola Mike)
4. You walked into your first job interview and they gave you a pink slip. (Buttsey57)
3. Your kindergarden teacher tells you that you should consider seeking other opportunities. (IOIO)
2. Your #1 top ten entry gets shoved back to #2 for no reason at all. (#1 person!!1!)
1. You don't even KNOW what it takes! (Stephen H)

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