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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your College Professor is Crazy

(submitted by VS)

10. Thirty-five percent of your grade is based on hair and beard growth over the course of the semester (despite a clear university policy limiting it to 20%). (anglesius)
9. Your marine biology professor has planned next week's field trip to the magical city of Atlantis, to gain a first-hand understanding of the mer-people. (Jarky)
8. You are pretty sure that "Candy and Prostitutes" aren't the reason that the United States recovered from the Great Depression. (Benton C. Glaze (of York))
7. Her bubble test answer sheets are real packing bubbles. (Arcola Mike)
6. Before each lecture, he lights a candle in reverence to the "Holy Regents." (dhla)
5. He insists the periodic table includes 'Professorium' and it is the least dense material on the planet. (rorschak)
4. She personally writes the textbooks for all her classes...on a series of matchbook covers. (Major Tom)
3. He frequently refers to a friend named "Marty McFly" in past, present, and future tense. (Maxdad)
2. He utilizes the "Simon says" instructional methodology rather than lectures and discussions (Arcola Mike)
1. Her syllabus is written in Wing Dings. (Meh)

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