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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little Known Benefits of Being a Superhero

(submitted by ariesgirl)

10. Get bumped up to first in line at Arby's (Thursdays only). (BullFrog)
9. Flashing your union card gets you two for one tickets at any Six Flags location. (
8. Emergency calls at restaurants often come before the check. (Ralpho)
7. You get triple the frequent-flyer miles if you actually carry the plane. (Major Tom)
6. Xray vision comes in handy at the blackjack table. (Chuck1863)
5. The superhero business is recession-proof. (Arcola Mike)
4. It's all about the dental coverage - taking a bite out of crime isn't easy you know. (Nova)
3. Side kick doubles as the designated driver. (jarky)
2. Save 10 cities and you get a free sandwich at Subway* (*may not be combined with any other offers, void where prohibited by galactic treaty) (Major Tom)
1. Every week, The Hall of Justice hosts "Save the World Wednesday", followed by "Tequila Thursday". (Major Tom)

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