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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Life Coach Is Clueless

(submitted by Arcola Mike)

10. Most of your time together involves you giving him suggestions on how to deal with his rotten roommates. (Maniac Bob)
9. He suggests you "dwell on the bad things in life" in order to make good things occur more often. (Nicko)
8. "The Art of Breathing-In" and "The Science of Breathing-Out" are her top recommended books for you to read. (Nova)
7. She wants you to hire a landscape designer for your intestinal flora. (Magus Nona)
6. You heard him refer to you as his real life SIMS game. (Spoticus)
5. His Certificate of Completion from the Internet School of Life Coachery (whyBother)
4. He keeps recommending a career as a "Madame," then corrects himself to say "Madman" before settling on "macadamia nut." (rorschak)
3. His advise for any crisis in your life is to "walk it off," followed by a rather loud suggestion to "hustle." (Thomas Palsson)
2. He's much less effective than your Second Life coach. (rorschak)
1. His only answer to your questions is "IF is half of life." (JDAii)

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