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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Clues Your Dating Skills Are Lacking

(submitted by TechNut)

10. Waking up Saturday morning in a strange bed with gray walls, bars on the window and the aftertaste of pepper spray in your mouth (Soldierinthewind)
9. You just give her bus fare to your place. (jumpinjack)
8. No matter what you think, noogies and wet willies are NOT considered foreplay. (Felly Smeet)
7. You're developing a tolerance to both mace and tear gas. (Geoduck)
6. You think email is a romantic way to ask her out. (it IS!)
5. Jedi mind tricks don't work with waiters, cashiers, or your date after you take her home. (TheRob)
4. Your date has been in the bathroom for 4 hours and you're starting to wonder if she is going to come back. (
3. The last three women you brought home weren't. (Nicko)
2. She asks, "What kind of cuisine do you like?" You reply, "The 'Value Menu'." (Major Tom)
1. You wonder why the girls at the club fail to understand even the most basic Klingon pickup lines. (Nicko)

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