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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Enjoy Thanksgiving

10. Have a psychotic break and think it is New Year's Eve. (Moe Pontiac)
9. Find new relatives. (jumpinjack)
8. Don't think about all the Christmas hoopla that starts on Friday morning. (Aaron Hirshberg)
7. Laugh yourself silly at the irony of Bush presiding over the Presidential Turkey Pardoning Ceremony. (Augiepyropanda)
6. Let the craziest person at dinner carve the turkey, preferably Uncle Peanut fresh out of prison. (Jackie Boy)
5. Reflect on how wonderful it is to not literally be a turkey. (whyGobble)
4. Nothing like a little wasabi on the turkey to please the guests (Voldy)
3. Stuff a turkey. Stuff a duck. Stuff a chicken. Stuff yourself on all of the above. (Augiepyropanda)
2. Marry someone from Canada. Celebrate Thanksgiving twice every year. (Krig the Viking)
1. Celebrate with the ultimate irony of a free turkey dinner at an indian casino. (Lefty)

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