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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Disadvantages of Moving to Oz

(submitted by No Dear I didn't)

10. You can't even make a decent scarecrow without it wandering off on some deluded quest. (inventor)
9. The public transportation of travelling by bubble is so unreliable. (pony)
8. After the winged monkeys are done with your car, you have fond memories of pigeons. (Chuck1863)
7. If you ever want to visit family out of town it's hard because ruby sleepers don't come in a size 12. (The Carolinadave)
6. The take the falling housing market way too literally. (JimBean)
5. The "Emerald" City? Actually, its green glow is from the nuclear plant. And that explains the Munchkins, the winged monkeys, and the green witches. (Stephen H)
4. Due to its mention in a major Hollywood motion picture, traffic on the Yellow Brick Road is now now congested beyond belief. (Vendain)
3. All of the single guys are two-feet tall. (Jules)
2. Every time you try to shower you hear someone whisper "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." (Major Tom)
1. People are always singing about where they are, where they're going, or where they've been. (dhla82)

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