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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Least Popular Thanksgiving Dishes

(submitted by Iron Chef Klingon)

10. Creamed Innards (Stephen H)
9. Pecan-eese Pie (Maxdad)
8. Aunt Rainbow`s famous all-fiber pumkin pie and vegan tofu turkey (emy)
7. Popcorn and Jelly Bean sandwiches... at least that's what Peppermint Patty says. (Maxdad)
6. Turkey Nog (Iron Chef Klingon)
5. Grandma's gizzard delight: a colorful jello dessert (Char)
4. Aunt Thelma's traditional Bowl of Unidentifiable Glop (Krig the Viking)
3. Great Grandma Casey's authentic Pilgrim recipe for roast squirrel (Helix)
2. From vengeful wives: rotisserie football, with cream sauce (Magus Noan)
1. Candy casserole leftover from Halloween (Wiki)

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