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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things to Do While on a Huge Caffeine Buzz

(submitted by searose)

10. Drunk dial all your exes with the speed and efficiancy of a telemarketer. (searose)
9. Prelight all of your cigarettes to save time later. (Chuck1863)
8. Get caught up on all the episodes of Blossom and Who's the Boss that are filling up your Tivo. (CraigC)
7. Read "War and Peace" and design a puppet show based on it for small children. (Wiki)
6. Beat your four-, seven- and twelve-year olds to ripping all the wrapping paper off everyone's Christmas presents. (Magus Noan)
5. Clap your hands until they tingle. Then clap your hands because they tingle. (lilOme)
4. Ask out that girl you like. Then when she turns you down, you can soothe the rejection by reassuring yourself it was because you weren't being yourself. (Murph the Smurf)
3. Chew a pencil down to a toothpick. (Krig the Viking)
2. Mow your lawn, after first melting all the snow with a hair-dryer. (Nicko)
1. See if you can detect a melody in the ringing in your ears. (Magus Noan)

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