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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs that Your Online University is a Bit Shady

(submitted by Oren Otter)

10. Their school mascot is a weasel. (JrsyRose)
9. When you ask about tution they want to know how high you want your GPA to be. (MAR)
8. The motto on its crest is "As Seen on YouTube" (Major Tom)
7. Your diploma automatically "expires" unless you forward it to 20 friends (MrWhimsy)
6. The diploma is a fill-in .pdf file. (Magus Noan)
5. The Dean is the deposed president of Nigeria and he wants to send you money once you graduate! (CraigC)
4. Your geography exam consisted of trying to find Carmen Sandiego (a little glowing friend)
3. Your professor's office hours are $8.99 for the first 10 minutes... (Major Tom)
2. Sure, their Construction Services degree has some merit, but what else does The University of Tetris have to offer? (Buttsey57)
1. They're not acreditted, but they do boast an E-Bay Gold Star seller rating. (lefty)

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