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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little-Known Facts about Saint Patrick

10. Actually went to Ireland just to learn to dance (Squeezette)
9. Was named "People Magazine" best looking man in a kilt 4 straight years. (ESPN)
8. He was initially known as Saint Patirice before the "operation." (radman3636)
7. He once beat St. Nicholas in an arm-wresting competition. (Stephen H)
6. He could drink Ted Kennedy's 30x-great-grandfather under the table. (Iron Chef Klingon)
5. He actually got rid of the snakes by forwarding them to all of his friends, who forwarded them to their friends, who.... (No Dear I didn't)
4. He was created by the Catholic Church in response to the Pagan holiday honoring OldStylus, the God of Beer. (
3. He is listed as a backup actor in Braveheart. (ESPN)
2. He hadn't really thought about what would happen to the rodent population once the snakes were gone. (No Dear I didn't)
1. He is also the patron saint of green vomit. (CraigC)

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