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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Nicknames for the Oklahoma City NBA Team

(submitted by XLR8R)

10. OK Corrals (OKC Gunslinger)
9. The Homies (Iron Chef Klingon, Stephen H)
8. Mapquesters (Arcola Mike)
7. Savage chipmunks (Owlguin Takanawa)
6. Carpetbagging Space Needles (Arcola Mike)
5. Soonersonics (bob)
4. Oklahoma Laters (Magus Noan)
3. Trailer Park Twisters (Thomas Palsson)
2. Okie Dokies (OK by Me,
1. Given the irony of "Utah Jazz" and "Los Angeles Lakers," how about the "Oklahoma City Seasiders?" (byuguy)

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