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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your House Needs a Spring Cleaning

(submitted by Nicko)

10. You wipe your feet before going outside. (a little glowing friend)
9. Those, uh, 'lace curtains' that your friends keep admiring are actually spiderwebs. (quistis)
8. you were tipped off by the overwhelming stench of turkey and candycanes. (toyz)
7. You found a Superdelegate hiding underneath your couch. (Maxdad)
6. You can't tell your laundry pile from your compost pile. (Major Tom)
5. The rats, the roaches, and the ants have formed an Axis of Evil. (CraigC)
4. Christmas tree is still up. . . from 2006. (Dorian)
3. The refrigerator has more greenery growing in it than your yard. (Augiepyropanda)
2. Cheese isn't supposed to fizz, is it? (Arcola Mike)
1. You have to climb on top of the pizza boxes in order to see over the Chinese food containers, to watch TV. (CraigC)

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