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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Discoveries by NASA Phoenix Mars Polar Lander

(submitted by Maxdad)

10. The real estate market isn't much better than on Earth. (Maniac Bob)
9. Surface dust on Mars is very similar to Pixie Stix filler material. (HokieJRM)
8. Not a single copy of "The Martian Chronicles" can be found in the gift shop. (Bob Clemmons)
7. Some weirdo in a Roman helmet with an Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator (a little glowing friend)
6. Martians do not validate parking and we owe 10 lunar dollars. (The Carolinadave)
5. You can't see the Andromeda galaxy any better by stepping in for a closer look. (Oren Otter)
4. Even from that distance, it's still obvious that Donald Trump wears a rug. (finbass)
3. Little green polar bears (Oren Otter)
2. Some of it's luggage wound up on Jupiter. (Ralpho)
1. Aliens... ok, so not really aliens, just microbes... ok, so not really microbes, just water... ok, so not really water just some funny patterns in the dirt (DA maNA)

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