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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Revive the Economy

(submitted by finlero)

10. Peg the dollar to the exchange rate for Hot Pockets. (Arcola Mike)
9. International politician thunderdome. Two twits enter. One twit leaves. Only on PPV. (Good Ol' Horseface)
8. How about another $600 check? It's gotta work one of these times. (Wools)
7. Stop spending all that money on magazines about Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. (Mute)
6. Auction off those pesky WMD's everyone thought you didn't find. (WTFO?)
5. Put a billboard on top of the White House you can see on Google Maps. (finlero)
4. New holiday in July: Christmas II (
3. Invade Switzerland to nation-build a new banking system. (rorschak)
2. Clothing optional shopping malls (whyBother)
1. Pledge to stop making fun of Canadians in exchange for free healthcare (and perhaps some of their now-valuable Monopoly money). (Father Time (had to type this on a PSP))

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