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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Sources for Renewable Energy

(submitted by Augiepyropanda)

10. That damn terrier next door. How can it yip for five straight hours? (RAM)
9. All the electrical sockets in my house. It's amazing, I've had stuff plugged in for years, and it never runs out. (finlero)
8. Put Rachael Ray in a gigantic hamster wheel. OK, it wouldn't actually generate energy; I just like the idea of it. (finlero)
7. Time travelling oil drills that can drill into the past where there used to be oil. (Laffman)
6. Attach every slot machine arm to a dynamo. (Magus Noan)
5. Harness the massive amount of hot air emmitted by the US Capitol building. (Guyinthenextcubicleover)
4. Static electricity produced by a giant mech rubbing its feet on a giant carpet. (Zyborg22)
3. Methamphetamines. . . who needs cars when you've got crank? (Dorian)
2. You know those old commercials that say "behold the power of the cheese"? We should harness that. (finlero)
1. Hamsters....lots of hamsters (Wade!)

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