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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Surprising Things John McCain and Barack Obama Have in Common

(submitted by finlero)

10. Both were strong proponents that successfully lobbied for the extra hour of The Today Show. (finbass)
9. McCain cried while watching Freaky Friday, starring Haley Mills. Obama cried while watching Freaky Friday, starring Lindsay Lohan. (
8. They both plan to install their own smoothie machine in the white house if they get elected. (Father Time)
7. Irish names: O'bama and McCain (maggie f, toyz)
6. They both will run a clean no name calling campaign. (That is unless they start losing in which case McCain is an old war mongerer and Obama is an inxperienced dope.) (Father Time)
5. They are tied for the high score on Pac-Man in the Senate arcade. (Laffman)
4. Their people are somewhat abrupt and won't let you get within effective range of your Super Soaker Aquashock Hydroblitz. (RAM)
3. Boxers. Definitely boxers. (dhla)
2. Both have been treated to Hillary Clinton's glass-grinding I-really-hate-you-but-I'm-on-camera "smile." (Plutoid)
1. Favorite TV show: "Perfect Strangers" (Laffman)

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