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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Economical Summer Vacation Ideas

(submitted by finlero)

10. LSD: The cheapest way to experience Hawaii, Pluto, and Bedrock all at once! (Wade!)
9. Camp out in your backyard. Try to pretend that you can't just go back into your house whenever you want. (Zyborg22)
8. Go from East Texas (Dallas) to West Texas (Fort Worth)- distance, 30 miles. (Stephen H)
7. Stay at home and let your mind wander. (Ralpho)
6. Same thing as last year - sit around in your underwear living vicariously thru reality TV. It's the BEST! (whyBother)
5. Arrange your garden gnomes around the pool to create a "resort" in your own back yard. (krayZpaving)
4. Instead of Vegas, just pump dollar bills into a change win every time! (finbass)
3. Tour the world by sampling the bounty of international cuisine at your local mall food court. (finlero)
2. Pick an exotic location you'd love to see and go there...on Google Maps. (Laffman)
1. Get the View-Masters out of the attic again. (Mute)

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